Thursday 02/22/18
Time Name Venue Address City State Map Frequency Cost Info Email Link Phone Reviews
6:30pmYour Ultimate U Open MicNew York Pizza Exchange2810 Paces Ferry Rd.AtlantaGAGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantSharia Thomas(470) 206-8205Write your review (0)
8:30pmOpen MicLuxe Ultra Lounge1100 Crescent Ave NEAtlantaGAGoogle mapWeeklyFree(404) 537-5000Write your review (0)
8:30pmOpen MicThe Wishing Well Bar1745 Hudson Bridge RdStockbridgeGAGoogle mapWeeklyFree(678) 272-8467Write your review (0)
8:30pmOpen MicUptown Comedy Corner800 Marietta Street NWAtlantaGAGoogle mapWeeklyFreeWebsite(404) 881-0200Write your review (0)
9:00pmOpen MicTavern 99 128 East Andrews Drive NWAtlantaGAGoogle mapWeeklyFree(404) 835-8311Write your review (0)
9:00pmComedy ShowcaseThe Georgia Bar159 W Clayton StAthensGAGoogle mapMonthlyPaidImportantAlia GhoshehWebsite(706) 850-9040Write your review (0)
10:00pmOpen MicMolly MacPhersons311 West Congress StreetSavannahGAGoogle mapWeeklyFree(912) 239-9600Write your review (0)
Friday 02/23/18
Time Name Venue Address City State Map Frequency Cost Info Email Link Phone Reviews
8:00pmComedy NightFoxy Loxy 1919 Bull St. SavannahGAGoogle mapMonthlyFreeImportantWebsite(912) 401-0543Write your review (0)
8:45pmThe Bar ExamApache Cafe64 3rd St NWAtlantaGAGoogle mapMonthlyPaidImportantHostWebsiteNo phone callsWrite your review (0)
10:30pmNo Shame TheaterSpringer Opera House103 10th St.ColumbusGAGoogle mapWeeklyPaidImportantJim PharrNo phone callsWrite your review (0)
Saturday 02/24/18
Time Name Venue Address City State Map Frequency Cost Info Email Link Phone Reviews
4:30pmOpen Mic529 Bar529 Flat Shoals Ave SEAtlantaGAGoogle mapWeeklyFree(404) 228-6769Write your review (0)
7:00pmOpen MicLuxomni175 Luxomni RoadLilburnGAGoogle mapMonthlyFreeImportantRicky Website(404) 290-2090Write your review (0)
8:00pmSpitfire SaturdayMuse Arts Warehouse703 Louisville RdSavannahGAGoogle mapMonthlyPaidImportantMarquice WilliamsWebsite(912) 604-8963Write your review (0)
Sunday 02/25/18
Time Name Venue Address City State Map Frequency Cost Info Email Link Phone Reviews
6:00pmOpen Mic SessionsThe House Atlanta Social Club1945 Moreland Ave SeAtlantaGAGoogle mapMonthlyPaidImportantHostWebsite(678) 561-4422Write your review (0)
8:30pmOpen MicHangar121 Sampson St NEAtlantaGAGoogle mapWeeklyFree(404) 685-3110Write your review (1)
9:00pmJokewriter's ShowcasePunchline Comedy Club3652 Roswell RdAtlantaGAGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantHostWebsite(404) 252-5233Write your review (0)
Monday 02/26/18
Time Name Venue Address City State Map Frequency Cost Info Email Link Phone Reviews
4:45pmOpen MicAtlanta Comedy Theater4650 Jimmy Carter Blvd #114bNorcrossGAGoogle mapWeeklyPaidWebsite(770) 724-6400Write your review (0)
8:00pmComic Strip Comedy ShowThe Office Lounge2455 Jefferson RdAthensGAGoogle mapWeeklyPaidImportantAlia Ghosheh(706) 546-0840Write your review (0)
9:00pmOpen MicCloud IX Restaurant177 Peters St SWAtlantaGAGoogle mapWeeklyFree(404) 681-4626Write your review (0)
9:00pmOpen MicPizza Bar1450 Veterans Memorial Hwy SEMabletonGAGoogle mapWeeklyFree(404) 505-8200Write your review (0)
9:00pmOpen MicStar Community Bar457 Moreland Avenue NEAtlantaGAGoogle mapWeeklyFreeStar Bar(404) 934-6598Write your review (2)
10:00pmOpen MicMolly Macphersons311 W. Congress StSavannahGAGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantWebsite(912) 239-9600Write your review (0)
Tuesday 02/27/18
Time Name Venue Address City State Map Frequency Cost Info Email Link Phone Reviews
8:00pmPlay Pen Open MicJohnnie MacCrackens Pub15 Atlanta StreetMariettaGAGoogle mapMonthlyFreeImportantJoellen WoodallWebsite(678) 290-6641Write your review (0)
8:00pmOpen MicSportstime Grille 3675 Satellite Boulevard NwDuluthGAGoogle mapWeeklyFreePaul Masterson(678) 417-6885Write your review (0)
8:00pmOpen MicUrban Grind962 Marietta St NWAtlantaGAGoogle mapWeeklyFree(404) 724-0605Write your review (0)
8:30pmOpen MicPointe Bar939 Railroad St NWConyersGAGoogle mapWeeklyFree(770) 483-1918Write your review (0)
9:00pmAWOL: Art Without LimitationApache Cafe64 3rd St NWAtlantaGAGoogle mapMonthlyPaidImportantGreyWebsite(701) 526-4739Write your review (0)
9:00pmSpotlight TuesdaysEvilla Restaurant And Lounge495 Peachtree St NeAtlantaGAGoogle mapWeeklyPaidImportantMaria WillsWebsite(770) 765-7527Write your review (0)
9:00pmOpenTOADFlicker Theater and Bar263 West Washington StreetAthensGAGoogle mapBi-weeklyFreeImportantJake Brannon and Shaunak Godkhindi(706) 546-0039Write your review (0)
9:30pmOpen MicLimerick Junction822 North Highland Avenue NEAtlantaGAGoogle mapWeeklyFree(404) 503-5741Write your review (0)
9:30pmOpen MicThe Music Room327 Edgewood AveAtlantaGAGoogle mapWeeklyFree(404) 343-4404Write your review (0)
9:30pmOpen MicChuck's Bar301 W River StSavannahGAGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantWebsite(912) 232-1005Write your review (0)
Wednesday 02/28/18
Time Name Venue Address City State Map Frequency Cost Info Email Link Phone Reviews
8:00pmFountain City Newish Open MicFountain City Coffee1007 BroadwayColumbusGAGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportant(706) 494-6659Write your review (0)
9:00pmOpen MicScoreboard Sports Lounge2997 Cumberland Blvd SE #100SmyrnaGAGoogle mapWeeklyFree(770) 805-0032Write your review (0)
9:00pmOpen MicTapas 255 Lounge 255 Peters Street SWAtlantaGAGoogle mapWeeklyFreeQuincy Bonds (404) 522-2612Write your review (0)
9:00pmOpen MicTotally Awesome Bar107b Whitaker StSavannahGAGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantWebsite(912) 495-5945Write your review (0)
10:00pmMeats!Bone Lick BBQ1133 Huff Rd.AtlantaGAGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantJustin ClementsWebsite(404) 343-6574Write your review (0)
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