Tuesday 11/21/17
Time Name Venue Address City State Map Frequency Cost Info Email Link Phone Reviews
7:00pmOpen MicLa Spiaza114 North Main StreetWheatonILGoogle mapMonthlyFreeImportant(630) 221-8772Write your review (1)
7:00pmSoapbox: Open-micThe Accord51 E. Main StreetChampaignILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantAndrew Hicks(217) 898-6332Write your review (0)
8:00pmHot Spot Open MicPressure Billiards6318 Clark StreetChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFree(773) 743-7665Write your review (5)
8:00pmNo Comic Left BehindWeeds Tavern1555 Dayton StreetChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantConor(312) 943-7815Write your review (14)
8:00pmThe Junk DrawerThe Playground Theater3209 N Halsted StreetChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyPaidImportantWinter DavisWebsite(773) 871-3793Write your review (0)
8:30pm#BLURREDPUNCHLINESDurkin's Tavern810 W Diversey PkwyChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantFrank FranciscoWebsite(973) 342-8005Write your review (0)
8:30pmSee You Next TuesdayMoe Joes24033 W. Lockport StPlainfieldILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantGabriel Ortiz(815) 230-2790Write your review (3)
8:30pmMagic MicPatsy's2825 N. LincolnChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantNoah Gutierrez(773) 957-8040Write your review (0)
9:00pmOpen MicPaddy Macs 4157 North Pulaski RoadChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeTom Czuprynski(773) 279-9300Write your review (1)
9:00pmOpen Mic Hosted By Ben RobinhoodThe Uptown Tavern12 W. Burlington AveWestmontILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantBen Robinhood(630) 969-4717Write your review (0)
10:00pmOpen MicFour Shadows2758 N Ashland AveChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeJake PearsonWebsite(773) 248-9160Write your review (0)
10:30pmTommy TuesdayPure Bar and Grill6251 N McCormack AveChicagoILGoogle mapMonthlyFreeImportantTommy TuesdayWebsite(773) 616-6488Write your review (0)
Wednesday 11/22/17
Time Name Venue Address City State Map Frequency Cost Info Email Link Phone Reviews
7:00pmCLiCClark St Beach3419 N Clark StChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeChicago Ladies in Comedy(773) 25-7711Write your review (2)
7:30pmThe Riff Brisku's Bistro 4100 N. KedzieChicagoILGoogle mapMonthlyFreeImportantElizabeth Gomez & Sameena SultanaWebsite(773) 279-9141Write your review (0)
7:30pmDouble Shot ComedyLongbranch Cafe100 E. Jackson StCarbondaleILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantPatrick Trowbridge and Eric BrownWebsite(618) 889-8578Write your review (0)
7:30pmOpen MicVolumes Bookcafe1474 N. Milwaukee AveChicagoILGoogle mapMonthlyFreeImportantHostWebsite(773) 697-8066Write your review (0)
8:00pmOpen Mic Ballydoyle Downers Grove 5157 Main Street Downers GroveILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantDavid Kelly Website(630) 969-0600Write your review (0)
8:00pmOpen MicMason City Limits Comedy Club114 East Chestnut StreetMason CityILGoogle mapMonthlyFreeImportantChris SpeyrerWebsite(217) 482-5233Write your review (0)
8:00pmOpen MicChatterbox330 Old Mchenry Rd.Long GroveILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantSean KuglerWebsite(847) 767-1456Write your review (0)
8:30pmOpen MicMemphis on Main55 East Main StreetChampaignILGoogle mapWeeklyFree(217) 398-1097Write your review (2)
9:00pmOpen MicAshbary Coffee House8695 Archer Avenue Unit #1Willow SpringsILGoogle mapWeeklyFree(708) 839-6963Write your review (4)
9:00pmWednesday Open Mic ComedyCigars And Stripes BBQ Lounge6715 Ogden AveBerwynILGoogle mapWeeklyPaidImportantRonn LottzWebsite(708) 484-1043Write your review (0)
9:30pmThe Open Mic ShowThe Comedy Bar500 N Lasalle StChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeHostWebsite(312) 836-0499Write your review (0)
10:15pmIn One Ear Open MicHeartland Cafe7000 North Glenwood AveChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyPaidImportantHost(773) 465-8005Write your review (8)
Thursday 11/23/17
Time Name Venue Address City State Map Frequency Cost Info Email Link Phone Reviews
7:00pmCupcake Comedy Cabaret Open MicGallery Cabaret 2020 North Oakley AvenueChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeCasey Brown(773) 489-5471Write your review (0)
7:00pmRyan Smith Open MicSportys Bar210 North Chestnut StreetKewaneeILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantRyan Smith(309) 397-7861Write your review (0)
7:30pmChicago's Cleanest Comic ContestSilvie's Lounge1902 W Irving Park RdChicagoILGoogle mapBi-weeklyFreeImportantStephen Bastien(773) 871-6239Write your review (0)
8:00pmMicbethThree Brothers Theatre115 N. Genesee StWaukeganILGoogle mapMonthlyFreeImportantJustin ShafferWebsite(312) 215-2015Write your review (0)
8:00pmThrone Room ThursdaysThe Throne Room2831 N. Broadway StChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantDarrick J.Website(312) 399-7631Write your review (0)
9:00pmOpen Mic NightLogan Bar And Grill2230 N California AveChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantHostWebsite(773) 252-1110Write your review (0)
9:00pmOpen MicGallery Cabaret 2020 North Oakley AvenueChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeCasey Brown(773) 489-5471Write your review (0)
9:00pmOpen MicPint1547 N Milwaukee AveChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeJason MeltonWebsite(773) 772-0990Write your review (2)
9:00pmGin And JokesThe Trophy Room170 W Ontario ChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantMikey To The PWebsite(312) 600-6920Write your review (0)
9:30pmThe American Dream MicBlarney Stone3424 N Sheffield AveChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantWebsite(773) 348-1078Write your review (2)
Friday 11/24/17
Time Name Venue Address City State Map Frequency Cost Info Email Link Phone Reviews
7:00pmPower Hour! Open MicGallery Cabaret2020 N Oakley AveChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFree(773) 489-5471Write your review (0)
7:00pmM.O.M. (Mixed Open Mic)Annoyance Theater Chicago851 W Belmont AveChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantPeter KimWebsite(773) 697-9693Write your review (0)
9:00pmLive Chicago ComedyChicago Actors Studio2040 N Elston AveChicagoILGoogle mapMonthlyFreeImportantTim WeichselbaumWebsite(773) 800-0120Write your review (0)
9:30pmWordplayImago Creative Studios216 Prairie StudiosElginILGoogle mapMonthlyFreeImportantAdam GottliebWebsite(630) 677-8735Write your review (0)
9:30pmWordplayMarquee Youth Stage3800 E Main StSt CharlesILGoogle mapMonthlyFreeImportantAdam GottliebWebsite(630) 677-8735Write your review (0)
11:00pmFeedback FeedbagPatsy's2825 N. LincolnChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantNoah Gutierrez(773) 957-8040Write your review (0)
Saturday 11/25/17
Time Name Venue Address City State Map Frequency Cost Info Email Link Phone Reviews
3:00pmThe Late Late BreakfastThe Hideout1354 W Wabansia AveChicagoILGoogle mapMonthlyFreeImportantTyler And DannyWebsite(773) 227-4433Write your review (0)
9:00pmOpen MicThe Second City Training Center1608 North Wells StreetChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeWinter DavisWebsite(312) 337-3992Write your review (5)
9:30pmThe Junk DrawerThe Flat Iron Arts Building1579 N. Milwaukee AvenueChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyPaidImportantWinter DavisWebsite(312) 566-9800Write your review (0)
10:30pmOpen MicNo Shame Theatre 3036 N Lincoln AveChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantthe theatre (773) 680-4596Write your review (0)
Sunday 11/26/17
Time Name Venue Address City State Map Frequency Cost Info Email Link Phone Reviews
5:00pmKiki Open MicCenter On Halsted3656 N Halsted StChicagoILGoogle mapMonthlyFreeImportantPeter KimWebsite(773) 472-6469Write your review (0)
7:00pmOpen MicLaugh Out Loud Chicago3851 N LincolnChicagoILGoogle mapBi-weeklyFreeImportantSayjal Joshi & Steven LyonsWebsite(773) 857-6000Write your review (0)
7:00pmMammoth ComedyLaugh Out Loud Theatre601 North Martingale RoadSchaumburgILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantSteve LongWebsite(847) 240-0386Write your review (33)
7:00pmSolace Soul SundaysQuarry Event Space And Center2423 E. 75th St.ChicagoILGoogle mapMonthlyPaidImportantJeronimo SpeaksWebsite(773) 690-0099Write your review (0)
7:00pmSolace Souls SundaysThe Spoken Word Lounge1200 W. 35th StreetChicagoILGoogle mapBi-weeklyPaidImportantJeronimo SpeaksWebsite(773) 690-0099Write your review (0)
7:00pmInstant Playlist Open MicLaugh Out Loud Theater And Bar3851 N Lincoln AveChicagoILGoogle mapMonthlyFreeImportantWebsite(773) 857-6000Write your review (0)
9:00pm#sundaynightlaughsThe Rockin Horse Saloon 5200 W 159th St.Oak ForestILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantKP SomethingelseWebsite(708) 687-4100Write your review (0)
10:00pmOpen MicThe Mutiny2428 N. Western Ave.ChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantMichael JohnsonWebsite(773) 486-7774Write your review (0)
Monday 11/27/17
Time Name Venue Address City State Map Frequency Cost Info Email Link Phone Reviews
7:00pmOpen MicMusic Garage345 N. Loomis St.ChicagoILGoogle mapMonthlyFreeImportantHostWebsite(312) 997-1972Write your review (0)
7:00pmOpen Mic ComedyGlobe Pub1934 W Irving Park RdChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeLauraWebsite(773) 871-3757Write your review (7)
7:00pmLaughs In Lakeview Brendan's Pub3169 North Broadway ChicagoILGoogle mapBi-weeklyFreeDarrick JonesWebsite(312) 399-7631Write your review (0)
8:00pmOpen MicGaslight2450 N. ClarkChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantRyan AndrewsWebsite(773) 929-7759Write your review (0)
8:00pmOpen MicThe Comedy Shrine4034 Fox Valley Center DriveAuroraILGoogle mapWeeklyPaidImportantWebsite(630) 585-0300Write your review (20)
8:00pm98.6 Presents: Free ShowUnderground Lounge 952 West Newport AveChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantAvery Lee(773) 327-2739Write your review (0)
8:00pmOpen Mic MightUncommon Ground3800 N Clark St. ChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantEric Quigley Website(773) 929-3680Write your review (0)
8:30pmLive ComedyThe Logan Lounge2646 N. Milwaukee ChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantLia Berman Website(773) 342-5555Write your review (3)
8:30pmOpen MicThe Logan Theatre2646 Milwaukee Ave Chicago ILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantLia Berman Website(773) 342-5555Write your review (0)
9:00pmOpen MicQuenchers Saloon 2401 North Western AvenueChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFree(773) 276-9730Write your review (1)
9:00pmShots And GigglesTin Roof 158 N Chicago StreetJolietILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantCameron RichardWebsite(815) 727-0123Write your review (0)
10:00pmOpen MiciO Chicago1501 N Kingsbury StChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeAlexWebsite(312) 929-2401Write your review (0)
11:00pmTrigger WarningThe Drop Lounge1909 N Lincoln AveChicagoILGoogle mapWeeklyFreeImportantJustin GolakWebsite(312) 574-0898Write your review (0)
If you want to post an open mic, please fill out this form. If you find any dead open mics on this website, please email slava@badslava.com

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